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K&N / carb / spyker question

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I just ordered a K&N filter for my 09 VTX R and I was wondering if its necessary to adjust the carb or do I just simply install and thats it? Im also considering the spyker modification and would like opinons / advice on whether its a good idea and will adding the spyker mean a carb adjustment.
As always, advice is greatly appreciated.
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I already have the permanent A/F screw installed and I have it set at 2 1/2 turns out.
How difficult is it to do the scar mod, is it something you need to be a mechanic to tackle?
I have the k&n filter, and the Spyker mod.......the only two things I have done are......a/f adjustment, and I put a piece of plastic behind the screen from the Spyker mod to lessen the air flow......Spyker gave me something to use, but you could use the plastic from a pack of blank cd's........I have not rejetted nor have I done the Scar bike performs just fine.....
Isnt the idea behind ther spyker to let more into the carb or where you getting to much air?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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