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K&N Filter Question?

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Completed the Clayton Mod on my VTX 1300R - sounds great. Wondering if the $60+ is worth it to just change out the stock air filter with a K&N? Will this enhance performance, enhance the sound any? If I add the K&N, will I need to rejet?

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ray7799 said:
Did the scar mod today as Rich explained. Worked like a charm. Put my K&n back in and am very happy with the result. Guys if you are worrried bout doing this yourself, dont be. It took me longer to get the seat and tank off than to jack up the needle. Thanks again. Great fix. Oh yea, still gotta do the pair restrictor. Just couldn't wait to do the carb. Impatient. So I guess I'll pull everthing off again as soon as I get a plate. I plugged the hose with a bolt for now but theres sill some popping at veryl ow rpms on decel. Guess plugging it isn't the same as putting the plate on. Where can I get this restrictor plate. I guess Honda couldn't sell somthing like this, huh?
There's several places to get these, JP cycle, Extreme Revoution, Dennis Kirk. All are about the same price.
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