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K&N Filter Question?

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Completed the Clayton Mod on my VTX 1300R - sounds great. Wondering if the $60+ is worth it to just change out the stock air filter with a K&N? Will this enhance performance, enhance the sound any? If I add the K&N, will I need to rejet?

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Yes, with adding the K&N to the stock box you will increase airflow and have to add more fuel. Instead of getting a jet kit, consider doing the "Scar" method yourself. K&N added to a stock airbox should take one .02" shim to shim the needle up. Your A/F screw is most likely set at 2&1/2 turns at the factory, so you shouldn't have to mess with that. Search the threads on this forum talking about re-jetting and you'll find info. on this method, or got to and look at the thread on the 1300 riders board labeled "Carb Tuning Simplified." This is much cheaper than buying a jet kit, and works well for most out there that have done it. Pretty easy job to do as well. Just a thought.
Good idea on putting it back stock, you leaned it up pretty good the other way; you'll get to it and love it when you're done.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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