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I added the hyper charger and wild thing fuel controller to my 2003 VTX 1800 R and lost MPG and top end speed. I had it dynoed and the guy said he could not get anything to stay constant it was either to rich or too lean. I spent countless hours with tech. support and I have never been able to rectify the problem. The Tech. recommended a power commander II or III. Does anyone know what to do? Before I readjusted the dyno. I was getting 25 MPG and 122 was top end and after I am getting 30 MPG and 125 miles per hour. When the bike was stock I had no problem burying the speedometer. I was looking at a fuel controller that automatically set everything because the previous owner drilled out the exhaust and I have no desire to spend another 5 or 6 hundred for pipes I am stuck. Please help and thanks, Kevin
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