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Bike: 2006 VTX 1800N (Neo)
Bags: Corbin Beetle bags
Problem: My lady can only fit her heel on the passenger foot peg with the hard bags installed. After 30-45 minutes her feet cramp.
Solution: Kuryakyn ISO boards with offset adapter

Kuryakyn ISO Passenger Boards #4455
Kuryakyn splined adapter #8818
Kuryakyn 2 inch offset #8837 - needed because I have hard bags

Here are some pics of my Kury ISO board install. I hope this helps others with their projects. Let me know if you have questions.

The parts list:

The OEM passenger pegs (i.e. "before"):

I removed the OEM pegs via single bolt through pivot point. I installed the Kury splined adapter. There was some side-2-side play. Not good. Kury includes two 'D' spring-curved washers to take up side-2-side slack. However, the slack room after the splined adapter install was too tight to slip the curved washers in with the pivot bolt. No problem, Dremel to the rescue. I made the 'D' washers into 'C' washers so I could force them in after the bolt was run through.

I was able to slip (hammer) the 'C' washers in place on each side of the splined adapter once the pivot bolt was started:

Top down view of splined adapter with 'C' (fka 'D') washers in place and 2-inch offset :

ISO passenger board installed to 2-inch offset, folded down in the 'ready' position. You can see how I went from very little room for passenger foot to lots of platform space for a comfy foot rest:

Passenger board folded up, showing off some extra chrome (never a bad thing):

Notice I had to install the ISO boards "backward" (i.e. narrow end toward the back). This was done because the board spline location was not adjustable, nor was there 'multiple choice' like on some boards. I could have installed them facing the correct direction but only in the folded down position with my hard bags. I did NOT want to chance using 4-inch offset adapters for fear of getting into my leg space and maybe making the platforms unusable for my passenger to mount/dismount due to weight/torque on the splined adapter. You may get away with different position or maybe using no offset adapter if your boards or bags are different.

Top down view of ISO board installed on 2-inch offset. Now there's plenty of room for her feet to rest in comfort:

Top down view of boards folded up to show space away from bike:

Same view, different angle:

Opposite side, over the pipes:

View from the top of both ISO boards in the down position. Now I need to re-install my 2-up Corbin seat.

Final thoughts:
My goal was to provide a large, comfy foot board for my passenger's feet while riding 2-up. Mission accomplished. However, the boards I chose are LARGE. i.e. They are large enough to use as rider floorboards. I kinda wish I had not gone so large. But they are there and installed and she likes them. Plus, I have more chrome showing when riding solo. You may want to consider a smaller board for passengers or maybe a model with multiple install points to help reduce the need to purchase the offset adapter. As always, YMMV.

Ride safe everyone. Spring is almost here!!

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Very nice bike and a good detailed write-up. Same rear boards I have and I wouldn't change them for anything smaller, passengers love them and being able to move around a bit to stretch out. Great job!
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