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Kuryakyn turn signals?

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I want to buy these...;FXDWG;2005

Say they're for a harley, want to mount on my VTX 1300c rear fender strut. I can't see why they wouldn't work as long as there's a hollow bolt. Any one know for sure?
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I say give it a try.

My recommendation would be order them from Dennis Kirk. There return policy and procedure is awesome. You don't have to notify them you are sending them back and a return shipping label is provided. I usually go with Dennis Kirk if I'm unsure about fit.
gfrice -

If they are the larger, 2-wire red Silver Bullet turnsignals for the FXDWG go ahead and order them. I have those installed on my C-model and they're fine. Remember, you will also need to order the separate 4-Amp load equalizer for metric applications, as the H-D models come with the 2-Amp equalizers for H-D applications.

I've sold and installed several sets of them for my local Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki customers. Everything worked out just fine with the correct equalizer. Most times, I didn't even have to replace their flasher to blink at the proper rate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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