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Lake Roosevelt, Globe and Miami

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A couple of us went to Payson for breakfast just a little 100-150 mile hop for good home cooking at the Knotty Pine restaurant.
We were just sitting there enjoying our breakfast and was wondering where we should go.
It was suggested that we take the 188 turnoff to Roosevelt lake and then continue down the road to Globe and Miami via the 60.

We are pretty happy in Arizona our lakes are full and we even have areas where the trees are submerged. Great Bass fishing!

Have to excuse me for the quality of pics, a lot were taken on the fly :)

Boy thats a nice patch, can't wait to see the other ones....TK.....;)

The weather could not have been better, just a great day.

This is a quick view of Roosevelt dam as we crossed the bridge.

Time for a staged photo op:spank:

My trip up the PCH is only a few weeks away so the beard is getting scraggly, got to look the part LOL

Hard to imaging 100+ degrees is right around the corner :(

Good old open pit mining :nono:

We have plenty of mountains just not a lot of trees LOL

I love these tunnels gives you a chance to go vroom vroom :choppersm

All in all we had a great day!

Thanks to Willem, Dick and Gary for stretching breakfast out to 300+ miles.
Great trip guys:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm
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Thanks for sharing that trip with us. I have to go check out your state! Cheers, norm
I got a trip coming up in a few weeks and if we move swiftly we may make Vancouver BC.
I might just get a chance to check out your country :)
Hi Ddannen,
If you like Seatle you will probably like Vancouver. Its a great city to visit. Too big for me to live there though. I like the one-stop-light kind of town. Cheers, norm
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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