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Hey guys... New to these forums and new to owning a VTX 1300R. Traded in my 2005 Aero 750 for this baby, and I love it.

One problem though is that often when I barely push down on the throttle at low speeds the bike almost stalls -- and even sometimes sputters or backfires. I assume this means it is a bit lean from reading here. I also assume I could play with the A/F screw a little bit to get rid of this... but dont know where to find it on my 2007 1300R. Can anyone help me with this?

Is this something I shouldnt play with, being a complete novice and having only ~500 miles on the bike? I took it back to the dealer... they rode it and said it was fine. Figures...

Anyhow, I really appreciate the help if you can give me any?


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