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LED Running Lights, help needed

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Want to add some really bright LED Running lights. Any reccommendations, all suggestion welcome. Thank you for your help. :patriot:
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hey Don, for the most part, usually most led's running will not be too too bright. there are some brighter than others, but in the daytime, it's still rough to see them. i've tried a couple and haven't been happy, but at night, i like what i have. here's what i have for the running:

2 x 14.39. i found them a little bit brighter.

i also bought the 1157 for the brake. i believe same price. and free shipping or at least they were. they have other models for you to look at though

i did want to look at the plexi donut mod done here, but too complicated for me. custom dynamics sells the same thing though...

cant' find the mod link right now. if i do, i'll pm or email it to you brother.

dont know if this helps or not. others will chime in ya doing?:patriot::D
dont you then need to install some small electronic (resistor or diode or something) thing that allow blinking because the LEDs wont blink otherwise?

Check with rs42sport --he got a set for me and they are really bright in daylight and night.

i'd like to know what those were too if you find out.
i've got glens 4 way flasher, if i just change out the relay to a EL-12, will my flashers still work when i hit the 4 way flasher?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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