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2002 VTX 1800C
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So I need some help when it comes to this. The bike has been great since I’ve gotten it and I’ve added some new parts since my last post on here, so I will be showing those off as soon as I get the rest of my parts. But recently (past 2 or 3 weeks) there have been moments where shifting from 2nd to 3rd had been a little stubborn. I’m having to re engage the clutch a second time in order to shift into 3rd. All other gears are fine up and down except from 2nd to 3rd every few times. I also noticed there is slack going side to side where the shift rod is and that it is bent downward as well. As far as I know they are stock controls.

Looking for some answers and if someone could provide a picture of what it is suppose to look like stock on a VTX 1800C. That way I’ll know if it is stock or not and if I need to get a new shift rod or not. Thanks

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Clean the heim joint(s) on the shift rod/linkage. These have been known to get gunked up and lead to bad shifting.
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My 1800 N has a Heal/Toe shifter and on a trip to Canada I was having shifting issues and it was the pivot bushing needed lubrication. Once I shot some WD in there it started shifting smoothly again. All of the pivots and shift linkage ends could need a little cleaning and lubricaton.

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