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Lets Start One in Oregon

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How about we srart an Oregon VTX rider chapter?
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How many Oregon X riders are on this forum?

Lets have a count. If we started setting up rides how many riders on this forum? What would it take to start up a club?
How about starting with a bike nite? Is there anything like that going on yet? A place where we can just get together, BS and check out each other's bikes.
Any ideas?:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm:choppersm
It doesn't seem like a group is being formed. But if you are just looking for other VTX and other bikes to ride with check out this new website. It is just about riding in the great North West. Registration is free and we are just trying to get people together for rides. And get info about good roads to ride. We are located in the Salem Oregon area so our rides usually start there, but we go all over the north west. We are willing to meet up with you on our rides if pre arranged. Stop by and check us out.
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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