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Lets Start One in Oregon

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How about we srart an Oregon VTX rider chapter?
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I am in The Dalles area.......good dry weather here in the summer and lots of roads without lots of traffic...also there is a few of us that are going to Fossil Oregon ..I think it Memorial Day weekend.....but thats a great ride and there is camping there.....I am always up for a ride.....Also there is the Hells Canyon Run Fathers Day weekend.if anyone is interested
I am at the Wa. Or. boarder

you are close enough to post on the Washington section lots of rides up there.
I do ride in Washington...I just don't know any VTX people .....
Hey Charlie D...nice bike .that isn't a stock color is it ?.....looks good
450 .......that sounds grat to me........keep me in mind when ya take a ride up this way or where ever....if I can get away ..I'll go
I will Doc 63.....about 5 of us went last year.......looks like a few more might go.....but there is always room for more.......keep in touch....ride safe
Here is the link to the Hells Canyon Rally in June. All motels are overbooked and camping is limited. We might go for a day trip or perhaps pitch the small tent and overnight it one night. My buddy from Boise ID is going on his Big Dog Chopper and really wants us to go. It's a huge deal for the town of Baker City.
there is a group of us that are going .....there is some really cool riding over there.....keep in touch.......
1 - 7 of 34 Posts
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