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light blowing on lightbar

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Need help. I just installed a rivco lightbar according to instructions. It was working fine for a couple hours of riding. I just noticed a crack in the left lense and it looks as though there was an explosion in the headlight- discolering on the inside f the lense. Any thoughts? A short maybe? I wired it just how instructions said to
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Sounds like it is defective - you are only working with 12v - are the lights 12v.

Also you said you wired them up by the instructions - did you use a relay - I hope. did you run a separate hot wire to them threw a relay and not connect them to the headlight wiring.
What wattage are they.
The lightbar is 12 volts. It also did not come with a relay. It does have a switch though. I am adding a harnes with a relay which powers from the battery. I found out one of the sealed beam lights has a tiny crack in it which caused it to blow. Doug, if I leave the light bar turned off via the switch on the lightbar until I add the relay, It should not fry the starter switch or any wiring right?
Correct just don't turn it on and that way there is no current draw on the wiring .and switch.
With the lightbar on and connected to the wrong wires in the headlight thee current will be running threw the starter/switch. Not good.
What wattage are each bulb. If it was me I would not connect anything to any of the bike wiring, I'd rather be safe than sorry.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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