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List of Calif members

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How does someone see or get a list of California riders
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Morgan Hill, CA here. I ride back and forth to Hollister for a daily commute. Even though it's only 30 miles one way I gotta do something about that seat. ouch!
I can do 300 miles easy and do it again the next day in my Ultimate. They are really comfortable.
Inland Empire Rider.... Ontario
Hi neighbor...Crestline here but grew up in Ontario.

Welcome to the Cafe.
4th of July group rides

Caliman here. VTX 1300- Palmdale area

Any groups riding out of my area or San Fernando Valley on 4th of July??
Hey there... OC to Hollywood rider here. Mostly 60 or 10 to 101 everyday.
Hi all, I commute 3 times a week on my X from Oceanside to Rancho Bernardo, getting better gas mileage than the other cages on the road. The other two days of the week I get the best gas mileage ever. (Telecommuting.)

Love riding along the coast on the days off, down to and around San Diego. Life is good!
Nor Cal San Francisco

Im in San Francisco. Would love to meet other riders in the area and do group rides.

San Diego, Ca :choppersm
Oceanside (North Coast San Diego County for those that ain't from around here.)
Wow I see some familiar faces over here:coffee:
I was wondering when you were gonna show up !:cheers:
San Deigo County

"Nico" in La Mesa, CA!

Hey San Diego Here

I am a San Diego vtx rider and would love to start or join a rideing group of other like minded riders.:choppersm
Northern Santa Barbara County here.
San Clemente/Oceanside, CA
California rider here. Concord
Im So.Cal North Hollywood/Van Nuys Area... Looking for someone to ride with.
Click on "members" and check states is the only way I know how. Wishing you a nice day. I think there is about 718 pages to look through.
Hi everyone :cheers:
New to this site, also a new VTX 1300S owner in Modesto, CA.
Happy New Year :patriot:
41 - 60 of 120 Posts
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