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Looking For Interest, Grand Canyon Trip

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Hello to all Arizona riders and neighboring states. I would like to get feedback on a trip/meet to the grand canyon. They have recently opened the glass walkway ($$$ fee but what the hey its only money) and it just seems logical that this would be an interesting trip. Because of the distance of the drive for Southeastern, Tucson and Phoenix drivers this will probably/tentatively be an overnight trip.

No matter what time of year we go it will be spectacular, except for monsoons (non Az people, thats rain LOL) There are many roads that lead in the general direction that have awsome (did I just say that) views and for those of us that have not seen much of the state this will be a great time to check it out.

Trips and meets for extended driving are sometimes difficult to set up and I would appreciate feedback from persons that have done this. If you have specific information please feel free to PM me with details.
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This would be an overnighter right? If so, I'm in. Let me know when.
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