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Looking for suggestions on reliable, trustworthy shop that knows the VTX well...

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I just picked up my VTX1300 and need to take it somewhere to have someone give it a once-over, oil change, plug change, Choke adjustment, carb (A/F tune) and just generally make sure its tip-top.

Looking for a shop in the Portland / Vancouver area... and prefer to not go to Pro Caliber as every single time I have ever been there, its been a bad experience (buying bikes, buying parts, buying clothes/helmets, having service done - all ended badly)

I have heard of "Cycle Tune" and "Moto Factory" but dont know anyone that has actually had work done there...

Thanks for the info/help

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Charlie D. lives really close (he could and most likely does build this bike in his sleep), within an hour and a half. I live within and hour and a half the other direction and here is a manual for you. We can help with motivation, helpful ideas and I am willing to show up just to get you motivated or give an extra hand. I am not a 1300 guy, I own an 1800 and I am new to working on it too but, you can do this. I have a bike and I love to ride so whats up? Here is a copy and paste from Big-X's sticky.

Here is the service manual for the VTX 1300S. This file is 300MB so if you are on dialup forget it.

03 VTX 1300 R\S Service manual



Originally Posted by fixitchris
like I promised, here is FTP#2

User: vtx
Pass: vtx1300
Port: 21

This one is speedier than the 1st one.


If anyone is wanting to download this is a simple way. Do this, download Smart FTP from here:

Install it and enter the above information in the area at the top and then click the green arrow....then you will see all the files. It's really simple.
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Not all VTX's are known for being VTX's. They are 1300 R, S, T, N ect. Although they are all beautiful motorcycle and look close in appearance, the extra letter on the rear of the designator could/may depict rim's, body package (who knows what else), special upgrades. You will learn a lot of cool things just watching these guy talking back and forth. Most everyone tries to be helpful. If I can help, feel free to ask. I am waiting for my next job to start up and going a little stir crazy so, let me know if you need a extra hand.
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