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Looking for suggestions on reliable, trustworthy shop that knows the VTX well...

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I just picked up my VTX1300 and need to take it somewhere to have someone give it a once-over, oil change, plug change, Choke adjustment, carb (A/F tune) and just generally make sure its tip-top.

Looking for a shop in the Portland / Vancouver area... and prefer to not go to Pro Caliber as every single time I have ever been there, its been a bad experience (buying bikes, buying parts, buying clothes/helmets, having service done - all ended badly)

I have heard of "Cycle Tune" and "Moto Factory" but dont know anyone that has actually had work done there...

Thanks for the info/help

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Thanks Guys!

I am trying to come up to speed on these bikes as fast as I can. This winter will be an excellent time to really get into the nuts and bolts of things while I watch the rain...
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