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looking to find people to ride with

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Hey all, I live in Harrisburg and would love to find people in my area to ride with. to the coast or over the cascades any rides anywhere.
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I'm guessing that since this was posted in "Oregon VTX Riders" that you're not in Harrisburg, PA, which is what everyone is mistaking this for...

If you ever make it down to SoCal I'd be happy to go on a ride through some of the canyons around here.

Do yourself a favor and edit your profile and where it says "City" go ahead and put city and state, so that it shows up in the top right corner of your posts and everyone knows where you're from. :)
indeed...i saw lancaster and harrisburg and just figured pa. vision isnt so well right now on the smaller text...but oh well. if youre ever in the eastern states, the offer is still open.
It was more apparent to me because I live in Lancaster.... CALIFORNIA. ;)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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