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Hi all, I just purchased a 2006 VTX 1300r. Great bike!, however, I am experiencing an issue. In any gear, if I barley turn the throttle, the bike will sputter. If I open her up it does not and is fine on the highway. It just sputters when I am running at low speeds with the throttle barely open. Any ideas on what I might try to fix this. The VTX is stock and the guy that had it before me barely rode it the last two years. I installed a new battery as the bike still had the stock one.


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Also is your idle set to low - these bikes require a higher idle in order to get proper oil circulation. You don't want to have it idle like a HD.

Also Read this. It's only $40 and well worth it.
I don’t know why but it seems that a lot of bikes run fine when
new but after a couple years they seem to start having trouble.
OK some may be able to get away with using the choke but that
may have to do with when the set the carb during assembly.
However most of the time when someone is having trouble
starting their bikes it is usually due to using the
choke/enhancer and fouling the plugs. The choke in these bikes
isn't like the old fashion butterfly you are use to on older
types engines. The choke/enhancer actually dumps a whole lot of
gas directly into the cylinder and fouling the plugs. This is
all caused by the manufacture setting the A/F lean (1 5/8)
turns open to be able to pass EPA standards. If you set the A/f
at 2.5 turns open - most of the time you will not even need to
use the choke even when it is cold out.
Hers a link;
Glen's VTX Garage

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