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Last night I ran out of gas, flipped to reserve and reset the trip odometer. I've got 35-40 miles I figure. Get home park and try to get something going with my lovely wife. (Didn't work). Got to remember to get gas tomorow.

Ride to work, I'll get gas first thing on my way home. Good day at work, perfect weather, light traffic because I got out of work early! 31 miles on the trip odometer.

Start home, get up the road a bit. Nice drive....engine misfires and sputters. I'm in town on a 55mpg divided road going 60-65. I shift to neutral, 1/4 mile there is a controlled intersection with a green light. I coast to it, make a right turn, down to 30mph. There is a gas station on the oncoming traffic. turn left into the gas station and coast to the pump. Didn't have to put a foot down for over a 1/4 mile.

Get going up the road. I find some traffic at 75mph and join the train. I started thinking maybe I'll try my luck at home again today. (you never know!) and twist the throttle. I'm passing this group of 4 or 5 cars at 85 when I see the lead car's in the right lane brake lights. Then I see on my left a trooper in the median. We make Eye contact. I figure my ride is ruined. I watch the mirror for the next couple of miles and never saw him again thankfully.

Now this car passes me. I've slowed down a bit. This car if full of girls waving and screaming and honking at me. They were young but it counts.

I roll into my driveway, parked the bike with bug splattered memphis fats and walk in the door. I hear the shower running upstairs...good thing i've got to go upstairs anyway. Guess who comes out of the shower, and guess who gets lucky!
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