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MDA Ride 2011...(Very pic heavy)

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Jenny and I once again took part in the MDA Ride in South Bend Indiana...The day started off kinda cruddy with rain in the area as we rolled out, but turned out to be a great day later on...Bike count was down from previous years, but we still had a blast...And we even patched things up with the best man from our wedding that I haven't really talked to in about 1-1/2 years...And of course we took plenty of pics...

Cool Ironhorse Chopper...But this guy gets the hardluck award for the ride...During the ride itself, we saw him pulled off along the side of the road....Was running a wide drive belt, and it decided to break during the ride....Never hear of a driveshaft

And I was on "Honda Patrol"...Quite a few VTX's and some other Honda's that caught my eye...

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Nice pics man. Thanks for uploading. I like to see what other riders are up to.
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