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:coffee: NOTE: THIS IS MEANT TO BE A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT POSTING - Bumps will be made as deemed appropriate to give exposure to the event and instill interest and participation since so few folks actually stop at the home page... :bleh:


You can already tell by the evening sunset times getting earlier and the slight lowering of the morning temps that (despite the day's highs) it will soon be getting cooler and Autumn will be upon us.

:hmm2: So...who's giving some thought to joining other Cafe' Members at the Grand Strand Fall Bike Rally and VTX Meet & Greet on the South Carolina beaches Sept 29 - Oct 3? :cool:

Sept 29 - Oct 3?!! :eek:

Whoa!!! That's just a few weeks away...! :choppersm

For the official event webpage, thread and postings here at the Cafe' -(set up by Dale (ThePCDOC) and Ray (BigX)) go to the VTX Cafe' Home Page or just click:



Meanwhile, Let me see if I can share with you undecideds some ideas for this event so far...

Opportunities will abound to:
  1. Meet new VTX owners/Cafe members in person
  2. Enjoy each other's company
  3. Ride together
  4. Eat together
  5. Experience the Fall Beach Bike Week rally venues and vendors
  6. Check out surrounding Grand Strand/Horry County attractions/activities
  7. Get a new tattoo from a famous artist (not mandatory, but what a cool post for later on the Cafe'...!)
  8. Buy and/or Show off your new Speedo (or other "personal" mods... :icon_susp)
Known Meet and Greet venues (so far):

First Meet-Up:
  • Damon's Grill (6 PM, Thursday 28 August 2011)
    2985 South Ocean Boulevard
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4855
    (843) 626-8000
  • Some yet to be determined Seafood Buffet establishment
  • Others - possibly to be determined on the main event page:
Other Possible Meet-Up sites:
  • Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort
    2311 S Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
    Local: (843) 448-8373
    Fax: (843) 448-5444
    Toll Free: 1-800-331-0934
  • TBD - Nothing formal, if at all, but it/they could be combined with any of the possible activities below
  • Hit the Beach (sun, surf, naps, reading, relaxation, walks, collect sharks teetch, etc.)
  • Ladies Only on the Beach (sun, surf, gossip and fun)
  • Shopping Trip(s) - Ladies dropped-off or include ALL of us
    • The BIG FOUR Shopping venues:
      • Tanger Malls (two sites: MB and NMB)
      • Broadway at the Beach (MB)
      • Barefoot Landing (NMB)
  • Visit Vendors and Biker Watching (Lots of "Characters" to see out there):
    • Suck, Bang, Blow (MI) (a little on the wild side w/o needing to be secluded)
    • Barefoot Landing (NMB)
    • Jammin Leather (SS) (A Ladies favorite stop for many)
  • Ink Life Tour Tattoo Convention and Music Fest at the Convention Center (only $20 and some world famous artists - e.g. LA Ink - will be there!)
  • Mini-Golf (Group Competition? - Nothing as funny to photograph as watching biker dressed dudes playing mini-golf)
  • Go Carts
  • $20 Helicopter Rides
  • Ripley's Aquarium (not too bad, actually)
A Few Evening Activity Ideas:
  • Fancy Dinner
  • Dinner/Show (several options on this idea)
  • Seafood Buffet (there are many, but only five really good ones)
  • Barefoot Landing
  • Suck, Bang Blow (2 venues, one wilder than the other)
  • Strolling the Beach
  • Walk Downtown
Whew...I'm already exhausted. :(

...but Excited! :mosh:



:nono: THIS is NOT the OFFICIAL POSTING :nono:



As far as I can tell, the following ARE attending at least some part of this VTX Cafe' Meet & Greet event.

The Fully Committed (or ought to be):
  • THEPCDOC & Wife / aka Dale & Carla (2) - Overnighting - Staying at Compass Cove
  • whiskeyrockr / aka ??? (1)
  • OLDRIDER / aka Ron & Wife (2)
  • Skull1300c / aka ??? & Wife (2)
  • Cage SC & Wife / aka Cage & Shelle (2) - Overnighting - Possibly staying at Compass Cove - Will stay through Sunday AM
Other Possible Attendees (thus far):
  • Bill Sandbrink / aka Bill
  • lamaybl5711 / aka Brandon
  • jdt3 / aka ???
  • Wizza / aka Tracy & Friend(s)
  • Hamar70 / aka Harold
  • Mako / aka Jeff & Jean
See you all there! :cheers:
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