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That's Turkish for hello. According to the banner I've been a member for 21 days and haven't posted anything yet. So I figured I'd better say something before I get deleted.

Anyhow, I own a 2002 VTX1800C. Me and my scoot are currently stationed in Turkey. The riding over here is great but challenging. Normally I call Washington state home. However, after I leave here in Jan I'll be headed to Tucson AZ.

Well that's my hello. Oh, I have really enjoyed the forum.

Hope to run into a few of you when I get back state side.
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I hope the weather is comparable, if it is I'll be very happy. Sadly this is my third time in Turkey but I've never been to Tucson before.
Thanks for the welcome. Yes I have 24 years of Active duty with the Air Force. No thanks needed but much appriciated.
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