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Modification for stock exhaust?

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I just bought an 2003 1800 that is bone stock and i wanted to modify the exhaust maybe take off the tips was wondering if it would be possible with out cutting them
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Not sure about the 2002's but the later model 1800's the chrome tips are bolted on.

You can remove them and either drill the end of the muffler out, or carefully cut the whole end off (leaving the lugs the screws screw into) and bolt the tips back on.
There is a pipe inside that is capped off and if you drill the cap out, you will get the deepest sound out of them.

Like I said, not sure about the 2002 so look carefully before you proceed.
Just my opinion, but I would not pay someone $300, $400 or more to rework MY exhaust.
You could find a whole aftermarket system that sounds way better for a few buck more.
As long as you are happy that's all that matters.

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Hmmm, this is what I was wondering as well... I know the N's have a nicely capped off end piece that is a little more complicated to modify.. Not sure about the S, C, F, or R model's though....

I think that the S and C would each be the same,
The R is like a N in most ways, except the exhaust
And the F is different as well.

Which model are we discussing here...?
Cost also depends on which option you choose. An 1800 Neo with new chrome cost you $495 plus extra for baffles, and you have to pay a $200 core charge.

And this is to basically re-work your mufflers!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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