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Motorcycle To Ride Julian On Friday

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I'm looking forward to taking a nice ride on 78 hwy East from Escondido to Julian on Friday morning. A couple of days ago I rode from Escondido to Ramona for fun. The temperature was hot, but, the ride was enjoyable. Come on Friday! My VTX is new and I haven't changed my handlebars yet or added a windshield yet. I'm still a beginner compared to the rest of you. However, riding my VTX on the 15 North without a winshield or fairing wasn't much fun with the wind hitting me like I was in a wind tunnel. I will purchase either a Memphis windshield or fairing with a windshield after the holidays.

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Man I wish that I could make that ride, I really enjoy riding out there.
I will be riding to Hoover Dam camping this weekend.
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