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MT Cheaha fall M&G

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MT Cheaha fall M&G
there has been some talk about a fall M&G at mt cheaha .
So i'm setting a date of Oct 1 with a back up date of the 15th .
the fall colors should be showing for some great photos .
what we need to know is will the dates work for the biggest part of the group .
let's have your in put ...............jduck

this post is all so on the VTXOA site
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Count me in JDuck.
I'll ride up to Eagle Vision and see if we can add that to the ride.
We could ride from Cheaha to Eagle Vision and possibly from there to the Wineries at Wills Creek and the Jules Barta on Sand Mtn.
Then possibly up to Guntersville State Park and back down through Desoto/Little River and back to Cheaha.
That would be a ride and plenty of time to socialize and make a nice day of it.
The fall colors would be nice. The ladies on the back (and riding too) would like the wineries and G'ville state park.
It would be about 225 miles circular route.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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