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Mustang Seat & Cobra Floorboards

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I have a almost new Mustang Seat (Wide Touring) for VTX 1300 C. Has less than 4000 miles of riding on it. Looking for $275 plus shipping for seat.SOLD

I also have Cobra Swept Floorboards for the VTX1300C as well. No markings on either of the sets. Passenger never used. Driver and passenger. I am looking to sell these as a pair. $350.00 plus shipping.

Email is best way to contact me

[email protected] or text 717-821-8441

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Will the passenger boards fit the S/R?

Different part numbers on Cobra's website... 'making it work' and fitting properly probably not the same thing :)

There's your part, then you can use the dropdown menu to switch to 05 ranged 1300C to see the other part number.

Grat's river, did you purchase it? Has this been sold?

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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