2006 VTX 1300.. Only 11,000 miles.. New back tire.. Everything is still in good shape!! Just when it backfired it was flooding itself out and it burnt a couple wires under the tank.. I have it apart now.. I am about to fix the burnt wires today!! It was only 2 that burnt and only 1 actually burnt through.. I think it's the ground to the left turn signal.. But yeah I am thinking of turning it in to a bobber of sorts!! My creation!! But before I go cutting up the big ass fenders and tank I am just seeing if anyone is interested.. I got a couple pics I am going to put in here.. It has Cobra Pipes not slip ons either.. I just took the carburetor to a shop and he fixed it.. So I am just fishing?? If someone wants to buy the whole bike or parts.. Just hit me up!! Thanks!!!!!!!