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My new Birthday Clock plus Bling

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Well I just got done Blinging out some more on the VTX. I Got me a new clock for my bike. I talked to Ross and he said to tell all in here they say "Hello" and "best wishes".I gotta admint I have bought a few things over the internet but this was a good purchase. Plus these folks are just good people. So here's what I got done today. 1) Clock. 2) Put in fuse block I followed TigerX's thread. works great.3) Shark audio system the cheap one.4) My birthday present from the wife. A PH Customs tank Bib. I really like it too. I also like the fact they send out info for a cell phone for Soldiers program. I will be sending them back 3 old cell phones. I have really enjoyed my bithday this year I got some cool "Bling" for my bike. Pics attached. :D

BTW That big black dot is my solution to the bright as crap HiBeam Indicator.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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