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I put the 777's on my bike two years ago and I'm still pleased. Not so pleased with the weather here and would gladly trade for Miami right now.
Today it was very rainy all day.
So i went for a night ride. just cam back it was around 75F. :)
Miami Winter!! :)

But trust me....Summer on a VTX feels like a sauna-jacuzzi.

You take a bath...put the jeans on.....after riding 30minutes at 95F with 95% humidity your body is covered in sweat.
Not to mention the sack. :)

So All summer I wish i was riding in the norhern side of the US.

By the way.... I could only find a Shinko 777 for the front.
In the back i had to put the tourmaster Shinko.
Rocky mountain did not have 777 for the back..

very soon my miami Vlog is coming.
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