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National ride to work day, who rode? post a pic

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go snap a pic w your cell phone and post it up if ya rode to work today!!

TULSA, Oklahoma -- You may notice more motorcycles on the road Monday across Tulsa and the rest of the state.
Monday is National Ride Your Motorcycle To Work Day.
The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office hopes the day will help illustrate the increasing number of motorcyclists on the roads and how important it is for drivers of all types of vehicles to share the roadway.
In 2009 in Oklahoma, there were more than 123,000 registered motorcycles, according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. That's a 7.4 percent increase over the 115,000 registered motorcycles in 2008.
The first Ride to Work Day took place in July 1992.

heres mine in the parking lot at work this AM

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Thanks for the reminder.

I'm like Hawk. Pretty much ride every day to work even in the winter. Didn't notice much difference in bike volume THIS morning, but I go to work pretty early (0430). Should be able to tell more when I go home.

Today I didn't ride 'cuz I've just had a large amount of re-work done on my shoulder tat. The road wind would beat it up if I did. It's supposed to reach a 100+ today and the humidity is 98%! Hard for some to even breath on the hiway while riding under those conditions.

:hmm2: It'll be interesting this afternoon to see how many riders made the effort that I don't normally see.
"...go snap a pic w your cell phone..."

I don't understand... :confused:

:icon_susp 1) How did you know I was in prison?

:kidding: 2) How do get your phone all the way out to the parking lot (my cord is only 6 feet long)...


:hmm2: 3) ...wouldn't be simpler to just use my finger?
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