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need 1300 owners help PLEASE

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if any and as many as possible that can take a look at your 1300 final drive mounted on you bike....... would you mind telling me the 3 letters that are stamped/raised on the inside of where the final drive and drive shaft bolts together with the 4 bolts? you would be looking at it through your rim from the disc brake side, you should be able to see these letters on flat inside of the FD housing, its start with the letter 'M'

PLEASE?:eek: and thanks in advance

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What I see is:

( MCH )
on all my bikes.

thanks sincerely so much for such quick responses!!! i was given some info on how to tell a 1300 from an 1800 FD. i was told that a 1300 would read MEA and an 1800 would read MCH, i looked at a known 1300 and it read MCH, i have what i was told/hope is a 1300 FD that also reads MCH, when i checked mine on my 1800 it also reads as MCH. so based on this small sampling, this info is not accurate BUT i would like to get as many people to post this info just for curiosity???

as for the urgent help, you guys were a very great help!!!!

THANK YOU!!!! :patriot:

For what purpose were you seeking this knowledge? Just Curious.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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