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Need help identifying what windscreen to buy, THANKS!

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I bought my '03 from a local dealer in Fresno, CA. They purchased from a Craig's List ad and then resold it at their dealership.

It did not include a windscreen but as can be seen in the picture there are quick detach mounts installed.

Anyone have an idea on what type of quick detachable windscreen this might accept?

Thanks, this is gr8 place for answers!!

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I wish when some asks for help and someone gives him a suggestion, he replies back to let us other people who read these blogs what the result was. I have had a Kawasaki Mean Streak, and I now have a VTX18C2, and both bikes have similar mounting brakets with the windshields that go with them. But I acquired both bikes with the screens already installed.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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