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Need some advice on driving lights

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I picked up a set of driving lights the other day, not motorcycle specific, but my plan is to put them on my engine guard. I have a couple of questions to throw out and hopefully I can get the answers I'm looking for.

1. You guys that have mounted lights on your engine guard, how did you route your wiring? Did you drill a hole in the bar and run the wiring inside the bar or did you do something else?

2. The bulbs in the lights are H3, 55W lights. Will my system handle that OK, or should I downgrade to a smaller bulb? I do have a 30A relay that I picked up when I got the lights.

My plan is to use either Kury p-clamps or something similar for the mounts. Right now, I think my biggest concern is to figure out how to best route the wiring.

I assume when auxiliary lights are wired they are wired to come on with the high beams, is that correct? Also, where did you tap into your wiring? In the headlight or elsewhere?

I'm tinkering with the idea of running power from the battery itself to the lights, then putting them on a separate switch then I can control when they are on or off.

Any input you guys can give me will help me out a lot! Thanks in advance!
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First off you need to check your state law on how bright your driving lights can be, Oregon has a no brighter than the headlight.

here is a state law link.
I'm not worried about that, I know my lights are no brighter than any bar combination being ran out there today. They are 55W and most lightbars I have looked at are that as well.
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