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need some carb help

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while moving a few months ago my vtx 1300c fell over (right side) so i orderd the parts (new handgrip and foot rest), installed them, changed the oil and filter and fired it up. at first it didnt start so i changed the plugs. now it starts and idles fine with no choke on but if i touch the throttle it bogs, chokes and stalls. if i have the choke on a little it runs fine, how do i correct the problem so i dont have to ride with the choke on and run the risk of fouling a plug. any assistace would be greatly appreciated.
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Not a dumb question at all; look behind the float bowl, it is a brass colored screw that is recessed into the carb body a little--has a "d" shape to it. That's the A/F screw.
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