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need some carb help

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while moving a few months ago my vtx 1300c fell over (right side) so i orderd the parts (new handgrip and foot rest), installed them, changed the oil and filter and fired it up. at first it didnt start so i changed the plugs. now it starts and idles fine with no choke on but if i touch the throttle it bogs, chokes and stalls. if i have the choke on a little it runs fine, how do i correct the problem so i dont have to ride with the choke on and run the risk of fouling a plug. any assistace would be greatly appreciated.
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cwbyhartt said:
OK...I put the stock needle back in but left the DJ main jet in and now she works great...don't really know why it works better with the stock needle but it does. thanks for all the help ya'll.
What exhaust, intake (air cleaner) and which DJ jet are you running??
Scar said:
What exhaust, intake (air cleaner) and which DJ jet are you running??

Using Cobra speedster longs, stock air cleaner, and DJ jet 1192 (i think, got it off their web site for the VTX 1300)
Hey guys i have a 2005 1300r with cobra long shots and K&N air cleaner in stock box and stock jets any idea about where the a/f mixture should be set at live in central california
any ideas for me please post getting crappy fuel mileage
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