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need some help with HK big 3's...

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Okay, I've had the Bub's on for a while but curosity is killing me...went to go put the big 3's on and I've lost my I go back to the bracket I had with my orig. pipes?

Also, when I use the bracket they sent, the pipes kinda "push" away from the bike at a slightward outward angle?

What the hell am I doing wrong?

If anybody has any close up pics of the big 3's on a r or s, please post them...I'm about to go crazy figuring out where i screwed up...:confused:
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View attachment 876 Here's a ruff draft of what I'm talking about...I'm hoping the HK bracket goes on the outside of the honda bracket?

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Big X, is your bracket for your pipes kinda bent like I've drawn?

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Thanks RR...IF i can ever get the damn things on and like the sound of them, you have first shot at the Bubs, that is if you still want them.

I must have the orig. exhaust bracket wrong or missing something...where can I look at the drawing of that part of the bike?
About $250 from ebay...try
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