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Need to tune carb for Cobra Slip-ons?

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I just picked up a very slightly used set of Cobra Slip-ons Slashcuts for a great price (only had about 100 miles on them and paid $100!)

I am still running everything else stock including the intake and filter. Do I need to adjust anything on the carb for just the Slip-ons?

Right now I have the tank off and am doing the 600 mile valve check and all of that other good stuff. Since it was running slightly lean from the factory, while I have the tank off I was thinking of turning out the A/F screw about 1/8 turn. WIll this be sufficient since the intake is still restricted?
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Yeh, that's fine--try that first. If it's still lean, you can try another 1/8 of a turn. If that doesn't do it and it backfires when you're coming down on hard decel (i.e.-coming off a more open throttle position and then letting off completely to decelerate)...doubtful but possible since every bike is different... then it might indicate a little lean on the main circuit transition over to the pilot circuit. To take care of this, you can do the Scar method with one shim on a stock air filter or one to two shims on a K&N air filter. If you get a lot of just decel "popping"--not backfiring--and you don't like the sound do a PAIR valve removal w/ block off plates.

Hope this helps and good luck with your mods.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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