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new bike itch, test rode a few

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I want to add to the stable! Let me make this clear I will most likely NEVER get rid of my 1300C, I have way more in it than I could possibly hope to get out of it and have spent way too much blood sweat and tears making it mine, BUT I want another bike. right now I am drooling over a Vic XC tour, but have not rode one yet, I also love the Valkyrie Interstates but haven't been on one of them either

So I was out and about the other day and stopped by Vic and found out I couldn't test anything cause they were shorthanded and to busy (with one other guy in the showroom)......... so I give them my cell# and tell them to call me when they have a XC i can ride and head to Honda, when I get there they are in the middle of doing a cust appreciation day and had burgers and models and a motocross guy doing jumps.

They had a VTX 1800F on the floor and I wanted to try it, so off I went, the bike felt a lil bit heavier off the stand but that was about it, I liked it allot it had way more power than my 1300 (I rode aggressively and tried to really put it through its paces), the brakes were great and it handled awesome.

Then the sales guy asked me if I wanted to take out a 2011 M109R SE, I said sure so he pulled it around for me, and off I went, the bikes looks have grown on me allot in the last few years, and this one was pretty, black w reddish orange racing stripes, the seating position left a lil to be desired, to me I felt I was supporting my weight on my hands and wrists kind of like a sport bike, the seat wasn't AS bad as the Honda seats, and the distance and placement of the pegs and shifter was a lil off to me, but get this thing on the road and twist the wick and WOW!!! This bike hauls A$$!! the new models still have a big clunk and almost fight ya to go from first to second but other than that and the ergonomics (I think the ergonomics could be easily fixed with a seat and risers) this bike is the most fun I have had on a cruiser ever. The 109 just had raw acceleration like no other bike I had ever rode! IMHO they take the twistys just as good as the VTX even with the 240 rear tire. I kept it out for a few more miles than the VTX1800, when I got back I couldn't keep the smile off my face, lol

I then test rode a Saber from the new VT line and wasn't impressed and cut the ride short, they do look cool, but my bike is much better IMHO

Anyway it was a fun day and if I had allot of disposable income I would buy a Vic XC AND a M109R
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you didn't ride the Vaquero???
gotcha....hell, if you rode that suzi, you may as well say you rode a do know the maruader that they first came out with was a kawi/suzi collaboration don't you? suzi had input on the mean streak as well...if you look at the mean streak and the 109M, you'll see a resemblence of the 2....i like kawi, i think they have some of the better looking bikes on the market right now with the big engines, 6 speeds, and belt drives...
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