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New Flip Windshield for Fairing

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Hi all,

As some of you know I have recently completed my XR fairing project. I had originally purchased a chopped 8" CHROME :D windshield for the fairing. While this windshield looks bada$$ IMHO, it is not a very practical windshield. Riding around town is no problem, but the first trip on the Highway I knew I would need something different before the weather turns.

So I figured I would make my own windshield like so many others have done. I ordered a sheet of 1/8" Polycarbonate from a local company and began cutting. I made myself a 12" shield. Making the shield was a piece of cake. I installed it on the bike and took it for a spin. Huge improvement over the 8" but still getting a face full of direct blast wind. I had done the measurement technique to see what size shield I truly needed and at my height I really need a 14" shield. This posed a problem, I really did not want to add 2 additional inches to my setup since the 12" shield came back towards me too much for my tastes.

So the search was on, I was interested in those "Flip" style shields out there. They said that the flip at the top of the shield increased the wind deflection. I also like the looks of the flip. There are about half a dozen companies out there making them. Klock Werks is probably the best know for the flip style windshields, but I really didn't want to spend that kind of $$ for a windshield. Then I stumbled on LRS ( while cruising a HD forum researching shields.

Their price was definitely more reasonable. So I ordered one last Sunday. I called them Monday to be sure they got my order and asked a few questions about the shield. They told me that the flip provides the equivalent of 2-3" inches of additional air deflection. They were very helpful on the phone and the shield was delivered Wednesday. I waited to report on the shield until I had a few days of testing it.

I will say that I am totally satisfied with it. Since I really need a 14" shield I went ahead and ordered it with Dark Tint since I will never look thru it. I still get to enjoy the feel of fresh air, but the sunglass blurring blast of wind is non-existent.:mosh: I only "start" to get a little sunglass wiggle when I am running above 75mph (which I don't do that often:rolleyes:) and again it is only starting at that point.

The shield appears to be of top quality and is CNC cut. It is also thicker than most of the shields I found out there, LRS shields are 3/16" thick versus the common 1/8"

In addition to adding the new shield, I also added 2 additional bolts to hold the windshield on my XR fairing making it like the Old Version 5 Bolt HD's

Here are a couple of pics of my new LRS flip windshield.

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I have been using a flip for some time now. I really like them. I like the way you can use a 2 inch shorter windscreen with the same protection. They look cool to.
I have 1 on my Ultra and my X.
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