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Grips look great....But I really like the Mirrors....ARLEN NESS ???? If so did you have any problem with them stipping out with the adaptors....I've always loved those, in fact still have one in the shed...started out on my first bike, but the right one would always swing lilke a merry go round when riding...they had to go. Love to know which brand. if ness, maybe the adaptors are better for honda then they were for yamamamma..

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ram51running said:
Where did you get your turn signal beeper system at, how much, and does it
work well?
Great looking bike, like the mirrors, too.
I made the beeper my self here is the link to the beeper then the other is for the brake reley (when the brakes are in the beeping stops)


Relay wiring:


Those are the ness mirrors the adapter seem fine, I put some blue loctit on them today also, but they are very hard to see on the standard bars but I have a great view of my shoulders lol now they are a little better


Thanks again for the grips can't wait to try them
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