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New Skins

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After 18250mi, I figured it was time for a new set of skins. All said & done I have $370.00 invested in a new set of Metz 880ME tires. 110/90/19 up front & 180/70/15 on the rear. I have to give kudos to a fairly new MC shop where I live "Capitol City Motorsports" for doing the change out. The cost of labor was $73.00. Tires & dynabeads came to $297.00 This young man changed my tires out without an appointment within less than an hour. I will be telling all my fellow riding brothers to give their business to him, he also told me, next time call him first, and let him sell me the tires for a lot less than I could get them online. Very good MC mechanic & works on EVERYTHING!! HD, YAMMY, SUZI, HONDA, KAWI, plus the Brit bikes, and German bikes as well. I hope he does well, as he deserves to do so. We had a very good conversation about the VTX in general & he knew way more than any Honda tech I've ever talked to. This guy will have ALL my business that I can't do myself. Here are a couple of before & after pics of my rear tire:



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from the looks of your old tire you must feel like you have a brand new bike under you. Enjoy and ride free and safe :mosh: Bry
WOW!!!! what a difference, feels like a completely different bike now. I can't believe I put changing tires off for so long. I had developed a terrible wobble at 35-45mph indicated and attributed that to the stem bearings being shot, with the new treads, that wobble has disappeared. The guy that did the work also recommended that I run 38psi frt & 41-42 rear, and that has also made a difference, I used to run 38frt/40rear, I'm a firm believer that the pressures I'm running now are optimal for the performance I'm looking for.
there is nothing like the combo of new rubber and new shock bushings to get rid of any wobbles and really give you that "new bike" feeling. Glad you did the chaqnge, now all you have to do is ride and enjoy the rest of the season :mosh: Bry

ps many stem bearing changes are unnecessary, sad to say.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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