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New Stuff Yay!

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Finally got my my progressive shocks (BLACK of course) and put them on this afternoon as well as my nifty Kewl metal X air cover and my BLACK mirrors. I am trying to figure if that ugly white sticker will come off without damaging the finish. I don't think the mirrors are a keeper but will do well enough until I get the OEM powder coated. I still have yet to do the springs up front and will wait on a friend to assist and at that time I will also modify my Bigshots. Thats all for now, sorry for the dirty bike just anxious to get photos posted.
Since adjusting the springs for optimum ride the sticker in now inside but I still want it off LOL

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Yes they are taller than stock.:hmm2: I'm not sure I like them yet, I will be road trialing them tomorrow. :choppersm

Mike that is a no to changing everything to black but the pot medal stuff, brake resevior, high low beams box and handles I would like to powder coat BLACK.
When everything is said and done I would like to get custom "Chrome" :stirpot: wheels or get my stock wheels chromed, go figure LOL

I just like my chrome in certain areas not all areas.

Good news ..... the white stickers peeled right off, much better looking.:bleh:
I was really surprised by the control in the twisties, not sure it could have been all in my head LOL. When I would go through before I never felt as if I had good control as if the rear wanted to do something all its own. Today it was like I was glued to the road. Definitely an improvement provided that its not all my imagination. Can't wait to do the fork springs!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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