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New tires, bearings, gear a "cricket" sound and rear humming???

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Well, after much searching on here under "chirping and humming noise" I have not found an exact answer to my problem. So hopefully someone can chime in some good thoughts on the matter
Ok, here we go: Went to Dealer ( I know first mistake lol) Bought 2 brand new Dunlop E3's while installing them they found the Flange bearings to be worn badly(2002VTX 1800R 17,000 miles) , I ordered the whole set of Bearings from Directline parts ($49.00) which comes with 2 sets(front & back) of wheel bearings and the Flange bearings. I also had them change the drive shaft, brake, clutch fluids. Now for the problem....When I am driving alone I get a "Cricket" noise at 55mph, which goes away and soon as I take the load off, not real noticable, but i know it's different then before. I can live with that noise. The bigger problem, however, is when my wife is riding on the back, I am getting this noise from the rear that sounds like a Truck with oversized tires on it makes, that "Tire road noise" when you run mudder tires on blacktop. Also, it seems that my seat(Mustang) seems to get hotter when she is on the back. Could the seat be rubbing on the tire or fender? I don't know if thats possible? I weigh 197lb and she is around 170lb (I think
) I have not checked the air pressure or shocks yet ( been riding too much lol) Mostly, I am concearned about our safety. Could it be a faulty new flange bearing or wheel bearing? What about wrong fluid in drive shaft or too little of fluid? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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The humming may be inherent to the Elite 3's. I know that when I put a set of radials on my Magna, they made a humming sound from 40-45mph. Any faster or slower than 40-45mph and there was no humming sound at all. Does the sound go away if you are higher than 55mph? You may want to seek out other Elite 3 owners and see if they experience the same thing. If that doesn't yield any results, I would either take it back to the dealer or trouble-shoot myself.
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