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New to the VTX 1800 - what type of gas?

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Hello all, and thanks in advance. Been a Harley guy for the last few years - had a Softail, Street Glide, and Road Glide.

Got tired of always paying top dollar so traded in my Road Glide which I still owed on and paid cash for a used '03 VTX 1800 R.

I live in the Fresno area and a custom seat guy who goes by the name Rocky - made a custom seat, saddle bags and backrest for this - new to me motorcycle which were already on the bike and they are nice!

Anyhow I know nothing of the history of this bike - bought it used from Clawsons Motorsports in Fresno, CA

The bike has 50k on it and runs flawlessly except for some popping on deceleration. I have only put around a hundred miles on it so far and have been using 91 octane gas.

Can I use 87 octane in the tank? Had a '96 Goldwing once and that's what I used in it and that bike never popped on deceleration.

Thanks Again in advance!

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