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Hi guys,
New to this forum, this is my first post. Hope everyone here is cool with none of the other [email protected]#$p that goes on at some of those other forums.
How did this forum get started?????? And by whom? Looks very nice!

Anyway I'm buliding my 05 1800C to become a stretched 300 prostreeter and will post pics if anyone is interested. I've built lots o cars, but this is my first bike build. Having a lot o fun!

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Hello, welcome to the site. I started this forum a year ago, I like the other sites but hated the free bb software they used and all the crap so I figured what the hell, since I already run a few sites...

I like having a site that you are free to express you opinion about a product without having it edited out and we are not selling anything.

This site is supported and paid for by the members of the board.

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