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Debating between the 1300C and 1300R but have a question about some modifications. Noticed the look of the XChopper and Big-X's bikes...instantly addicted.

My question is can these looks be replicated on a 1300? If so, which model would be best and approximately how much can I expect to pay to get the finished product-generally speaking. I live in Columbus, Ohio so if any of you have any local suggestions I'd appreciate them

Forgive my rookie terminology...great site by the way

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Pretty much the looks can be replicated overall. Difference between the 1300C and 1300 R is really just how they are "dressed." Seems to be a little easier to do find different options for some aftermkarke mod choices (i.e.-fat tire kits, chroming, etc.) on the 1800 vs. the 1300. Between the 1300C and R models, the aftmarket mods become pretty similar. The R does come with a "beefier" looking front fork cover.

It really all depends on what look you are really in to. C's come from the factory with very good looking wheels, shorter "bobbed" style fenders. R's obviously come with the longer, sloped fenders and either spoke (S model) or cast wheels (R or Retro model). Not any difference in the engine or performance really, just a decision of the look you want.

Obviously the 1800's give you a lot more power out of the box and are fuel-injected, but overall most seem to get less mileage on a tank of petro. Some feel that the 1300 is better balanced and the 1800 feels a little more topheavy feeling, but I can't testify to that personally since I've never driven the 1800. But, if you want a lot of HP and torque and like the X models, the 1800 would be the way to go. You can only get most 1300's up to around 64-65 hp without some major internal engine mods. Some claim higher HP numbers with aftermarket mods, but that could just be dyno error or they've really hit the nail on the head with re-jetting and airbox/exhaust set-ups.

Mods are a never-ending saga, and the cost can really be dependent on what you do/how you do it (have someone else do it, do-it-yourself, etc.). I've always referred to cruisers as "chrome in progress." When you start going into lowering, stretching out the front end and raking it, fat tire mods, chromed aftermarket wheels, you can get into some major $$. Just dressing it up with chrome covers/replacement parts, mirrors, etc. isn't too bad and can be done (like anything else) over time. Just take your time, make a choice you'll be happy with and best of luck!

BTW, GO BUCS and GO BROWNIES! I'm a Cleveland native and miss being up there sometimes. Watch my Browns every weekend during the season--and yes, I enjoy pain! haha.


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