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Anyone in the southwest Ohio, Northern Ky, tri-state area planning on going to the Newport, KY (just across the river from Cincy) motorcycle rally July 1 - 4? I plan on going Friday to see two good bands, Brain Bucket and Prizoner and likely Sunday for a spell as well. Drop a note if your in the area.

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I don't know about the Levee thing but we are trying to round up a group to go the Thunderburg in Miamisbug Ohio. I copied a post from Laztdawg.
Just search thunderburg if you want to go there we are trying to arrange a meet and arrive.
from Lazydawg

Saturday July 9th 4pm to 10 pm the city of Miamisburg Ohio will be closing Main street thru the business district to all traffic but motorcycles.

This event has been a blast in previous years, all makes and models and years of bikes are usually represented.

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That they are, Sir.... That they are.

I always said they could F-Up a Wet Dream... But hey, I'm no bandwagon rider... My team is my team. :)

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