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2002 VTX 1800c
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I have a 2002 VTX 1800c and after changing both coils both fuel injectors changing all four spark plugs I don't the front cylinder is dead I'm not getting any signal to the fuel injector any guesses as to what's going on

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Sounds like it could likely be a problem with the ECM. Do you know someone else with a VTX1800 with whom you could swap ECMs temporarily to see if this fixes the problem?

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Do you have a California VTX emissions???
Do you have spark at the spark plugs??

Remove Black connector and Gray connector on ECM.
Pink/Yellow is Injector 1
Pink/Blue is Injector 2
Tun on the IGN switch, Kill switch in RUN position. You should hear Engine Stop Relay click.
The FI Black - W h i t e power wire feeds the ECM, Injectors, Ignition coils, Fuel pump relay.
Verify +12volts or so.
If the circuit is good, the +12v will go through the injector wire to the ECM pin.
Whatever color that matches the front injector should should read +12v P/Y or P/Bu
You Put a Ground on the P/Y or P/Bu and tap it ON and OFF like the ECM does
You should hear the injector clicking.
No harm in doing each injector for a comparison.

???Black/White wire above would become Black/***


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