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Listen Up folks, We have a crises here. There is a major issue that some of us know about. There are VTXs out there sitting up high off the ground not being used. Owners are screaming in agony "WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY can't I ride and the Florida people can". You could only stop and wonder, what did that VTX ever do to deserve a location that causes "NoNriderItis"

NonrideItis is a condition in which the owner neglects the VTX from roaming the streets proudly.

This is a serious condition. This is not a laughing matter. People please dig deep in to your hearts and support the program. Only you could decide to adopt some Snow blowers X. You could cure NoNriderItis. You could ride it, wash it, mod it, or just give it the attention it needs and is lacking during the winter times.

Don't think of this as your only helping the X from this awful situation, but also remember your helping a snow blower owner , make him happy that his X is getting the Care it needs.

Go out there and contact an X today. There waiting...............

This message has been sponsored by the FLORIDA X owners who your jealous about! :bleh:
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70 here in southern Nevada. Who needs Florida with their hurricanes?:D
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